Industrial & technical applications

Kramo has an extensive and up-to-date range of machinery at its disposal for the processing of foams for industrial and technical applications. One of its most important advantages are its wide-ranging die-cutting and laminating facilities. Die-cutting is therefore possible in all shapes, both full-cut and kiss-cut, using either roll or sheet material.

The company is aware of the needs and customs in different sectors. With all its activities, Kramo has a presence in a wide range of sectors: automotive, IT & telecom, electronics and loudspeakers, air conditioning and ventilation, construction, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and sports and leisure.

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  1. Custom-cutting of plastics
  2. Convoluted polyurethane at the requested height
  3. Water-jet cutting of any material
  4. Full-cut die cutting of foams
  5. Kiss-cut die cutting of foams
  6. Making any foam self-adhesive
  7. Assembling of foams, if requested in combination with cardboard and/or other materials

In terms of materials, we process polyurethane, polyethylene, neoprene, EPDM, PVC foams, felt, hydrophobic polyesther fiber, cork, adhesives, cardboard, polystyrene.

Possible applications
Vibration damping, water or acoustic sealing, sound insulation, temperature insulation, filtration, etc... There are many possibilities with synthetic foams and new applications are constantly being developed.

New product development and support
The beating heart of Kramo is the Research & Development department. Staff are familiar with the properties of the various foams and materials and are experts in using the capabilities offered by the machinery. All products can be developed in 'co-design', and we always aim to obtain the most economical production method while meeting the required quality standards.

Besides the processing of foams, demand in the area of industrial and technical applications often primarily concerns assembly. Kramo is your perfect partner for all these applications.

Do you have an application and/or products for which you think foam might offer a solution? Do you have an existing solution but are looking for an alternative? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be pleased to work out the most suitable solution for your problem. You can contact us by means of the contact form.

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