Packaging & protection

Kramo has more than 35 years of experience in designing and producing custom-made total packaging. For custom-made products Kramo processes all kinds of buffer materials, quite often in combination with cardboard, to be able to offer its clients a total solution. Polyurethane is mainly used for the protection of fragile appliances and parts, or as a buffer material for robust but light appliances. Polyurethane is also used in the pharmaceutical and glass industry or for the packaging of electronic components. Polyethylene is most widely used for heavier applications or as anti-scratch protection. Polystyrene is used when smooth surfaces have to be protected, or to package goods which only require basic packaging. In addition, polystyrene is used for positioning elements or large packaging runs.

Kramo also puts its experience to use in the construction of interiors for cases. The most frequently used materials here are polyurethane, for the most common and efficient applications, and polyethylene, for the more aesthetic or heavy-duty applications.

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  1. Custom-cutting of plastics
  2. Convoluted polyurethane at the requested height
  3. Water-jet cutting of any material
  4. Shape-cutting of polyurethane
  5. Full-cut die cutting of foams
  6. Heat sealing of polyethylene
  7. Gluing of any material

Having trouble packaging your goods? Looking for a cheaper and more efficient way of packaging? We will help you find the most suitable solution. Feel free to contact us by means of the contact form.

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