Underlay for laminate and parquet flooring


Kramo developed a range of high quality folded underlays for laminate and parquet flooring based on high level crosslinked polyethylene. Products are very user friendly (ease of installation) due to the folded format.


Mechanical properties and insulation values are in compliance with guidelines of the EPLF (European Producers of Laminate Flooring): https://www.kramo.be/data/content/file/eplf-de-infoflyer-en-2014.pdf


All grades are floor heating compatible.


General product overview:https://www.kramo.be/data/content/file/product-overview.pdf

Dumapro: general purpose : https://www.kramo.be/data/content/file/dumapro.pdf

Dumasound: excellent noise reduction : https://www.kramo.be/data/content/file/dumasound.pdf

Dumaprotect: excellent noise reduction + extra vapour screen : https://www.kramo.be/data/content/file/dumaprotect.pdf

Dumaheat: excellent compatibility with floor heating : https://www.kramo.be/data/content/file/dumaheat.pdf

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